Opening Statement & Covid-19

Opening Statement

Following yesterday’s government suggestion that people should stop visiting pubs, we have taken some time to consider our response.

It is clear from the number of comments / requests we have had from customers that ours and all other pubs are very much in demand as community hubs.  As such we have taken the decision to remain open for as long as possible. If the government makes a closure compulsory, we will of course close but also if business falls to subsistence level, we will not be able to afford to keep trading. We will keep you informed as well as we can.

Like many of our colleagues in other pubs, we are planning a delivery service to those who are confined at home or just don’t want to come out. A delivery menu will be on our website in the next couple of days.

In the meantime, we are being as vigilant as we can with hygiene and ask that if you visit the pub, you do the same.

Coronavirus Statement

As a pub we have no information or guidance which you don’t already have yourselves, but as our customers, you have a right to understand what steps we are taking to minimise risk within the pub.


The good news is that as a long-standing food service operation, some of the steps we already take to prevent cross contamination and potential food poisoning, are the same steps the government is recommending, so we’re practiced at this.  In light of the heightened risk, we have put in steps with our team to increase cleaning of ‘touch points’ and hard surfaces.


We are in partnership together, so we recommend that when you get to the pub, before you go to the bar, nip to the toilets and wash your hands. Before you eat, why not go back and wash them again? It can’t hurt and may well help. All of our soap is antibacterial, always has been, always will be.

If the government updates its advice, we will let you know what else we will do but, in the meantime, take care and stay safe.