We are now re-open and we are confident that we have taken all possible steps to keep you and our team safe.

The government guidelines (which we have published below) give some, but very few, definitive ‘rules’ On the whole each business is required to interpret the guidelines and apply them to their  own circumstances. We have done this, and have create the following documents which we have also published below:

  • Covid-19  Risk Assessment.
  • Summary of control measures.
  • FAQs

We will formally review our risk assessment every four weeks but we will also keep it under constant day to day review and update as necessary.

In order to minimise risk but also minimise cost when our revenues will undoubtedly be under pressure, we are implementing the following changes which we will keep under constant review.



We anticipate a significant drop in demand as some customers choose to stay at home. In order to minimise waste we have implemented a temporary menu. This menu is constructed to cover as many tastes as possible but we appreciate that some people may be disappointed  and we ask you the bare with us. The temporary menu can be viewed here. Our Sunday Lunch menu remains in place.

Opening Hours:

Whilst we work to re-establish our business, we are required to minimise contact between staff and customers. We also need to work to reduce running costs, as like most businesses, our financial situation is challenging. We have updated our opening hours on this site and posted them on Facebook. We can’t afford to change the metal signage outside so these will be out of date, sorry. Current restriction require us to be fully closed by 10:00pm each night. This includes any outdoor drinking which must be finished by 10:00pm

Quiz Nights & Entertainment

For the moment, quiz nights are allowed. All team must reserve a table and must adhere to the ‘rule of 6’. we will apply this strictly and with no variation

Track & Trace

Now that track and trace  is a legal requirement we have moved away from the phone app which was voluntary  and we have a paper system which we can monitor and enforce. Please engage fully with this, If you refuse to give details or give false details we will refuse service and you will not be allowed to return.